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Portugal and Spain are two countries which often get put together when people refer to South America. But Portugal and Spain are two different nations, and though there are lots of similarities between both, they're also two different nations and therefore have their own distinct identities. Portugal is one of Europe's larger islands and has amazing beaches on its south shore. Portugal is a popular family holiday destination for tourists coming from all around the world. However, if you are likely to Portugal don't allow yourself to be fooled by what others may tell you.


Portugal has a very diverse geography. The north shore has rougher seas with more sand, while in the south it is mostly calmer with cleaner oceans. Portugal has several national parks, and in addition it contains water parks where families can go for an adventure vacation. Portugal has three international airports; Lisbon's remains in the city and the other is situated at Figueira. Both of these airports provide excellent facilities to passengers out of UK, flying to Portugal is very simple though the flights from UK just sometimes touch down in Portugal.


Passport: Portugal has an easy procedure for getting a Portugal Passport. You'll have to visit your closest embassy or consulate and current valid passport documentation as proof of identification. The Consulates and Embassies may require you to cover some minor administrative fees. After obtaining your passport you can get your own Portuguese Passport on line, via an authorized Portugal Passport agency or through a mail order. Most Passport agencies on the internet offer expedited service, and in case of any problems you can always telephone the Portugal Passport office to describe matters.


Electronic Traveling Kits: Along with valid passport documentation, a person needing travel authorization must also present legal ID, including a Portugal Post Office issued identification card, and valid evidence of residence. This proof can be obtained by seeing the Portugal Post Office or through any licensed Portugal Passport agency on the internet. This electronic travel authorization proves the applicant is an eligible citizen of Portugal and can be given a temporary resident card that's valid for three months. To reduce loss of benefits, digital travel authorization is best supplied through the process of organizing your trip. It's important to remember that this electronic travel authorization cannot be changed, and can't be upgraded during the process of validity.


Portuguese Visa: To use for a Portugal visa, you need to visit the Portuguese consulate. The consuls will look after all visa issues and you'll be required to submit all the necessary files so as to apply for a Portugal visa. Once the consuls get your visa they will forward it to your current email address. From your present email address, you can use an approved e-mail provider to obtain an upgraded electronic visa card. The card has to be shown in the Portuguese consulate upon arrival.


Passports are mandatory when traveling outside of Portugal. Obtaining Portugal passports and non e.u passports is a lot easier when you choose a Portuguese Passport Company which may help you with your own e.u. visa program from the comfort of your house. Using a technical Portugal Passport business will ensure your passport program goes smoothly and you get your new passport quickly.

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